There is so much more beyond the uniform…

When you leave the military service, your work and your legacy does not end but continues in a different form

your active mind will engage in new ways of thinking… and will crave for these ideas to take form. 

Take a peek on how you can continue your journey outside the military while pursuing the products of your creative mind… 

start a business,  

write a book,  

host a podcast,  

create online content… 

The possibilities are endless

Paired with a solid marketing plan you can dominate online media, and video marketing is a sure way for you to skyrocket your business. 

The problem: The entire process of video production takes too long.  

Do you have right skill set to produce a video?

Do you have hours of your time to create one?

Are you ready for the hassle of producing one which could get in the way of your personal time?  


A good video production plan is the secret to saving time and money.

What if I tell you that I can do the heavy lifting for you? 


Hi, I’m FAITH.

I’m the Owner and Founder of 9PM Creatives. 
An ex-military creative specialist with almost 5 years of strategic media works for Philippine Military Institutions, content creators, and businesses. My experience extends to photography, videography, drone operation, film production and video content strategy. 
Year 2021 after I left the Philippine Air Force, I built 9PM Creatives, a creative agency providing multimedia and creative solutions content creators and businesses especially to my fellow brothers-in-arms (active and retired) from local and foreign armed forces who want to grow their businesses and online presence through the power of video. 
So how exactly can 9PM Creatives help you?

We can help you have FAITH.



F – FLOURISH online presence for your business

A – ACHIEVE a strong brand

I – INCREASE followership for your business

T – THRIVE from zero to hero

H – HELP you to inspire people



How do we start? 

All you have to do is to record your video or give us your raw clips and we’ll take it from there.
  • Implementing the right strategy
  • Analyzing contents
  • Color correction
  • Audio improvements,
  • Other countless components of professional videos

We will transform your raw recordings to professional, eye-catching video consistent with your own brand. 



Strategized Contents. Increased Online Presence. Maximum Impact. 


This is your story and you are the HERO of your own story

Have FAITH. Fate has brought you here. This is your calling to continue your legacy.

Click the button below and let’s talk about scaling your online presence while growing your business.